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Shacke Luggage Tags with Long Bendable Rubber Design w/ Steel Loops - Set of 2


Shacke’s Long Rubber Luggage Tags Are Easy to Spot 

Using a luggage tag to help identify your luggage does not mean it has to be boring. Instead Shacke has developed a new line of long rubber luggage tags that are fun, easy to spot, and helps put a little personality to your own travel experience. 

Our luggage tags are made from thick and durable rubber along with a sturdy steel loop for added durability. We have provided the best balance between durability, functionality, and personalization. Each luggage tag comes with a reversible identification card. Simply write your owner’s information on one side and flip it over so it is not exposed to the public. If in the event your luggage is lost, airport personnel would simply flip the card over to obtain your information. 

Shacke Luggage Tags:

  • 6.75 x 1.25 in. Luggage Tags - 2 Tags in 1 Set
  • Made of Sturdy High Quality Rubber w/ Steel Loops
  • Reversible Identification Card Helps To Hide Your Personal Information
  • Fully Bendable / Flexible Material to Prevent Breaking or Losing your Tags
  • Perfect for your luggage, bags, carry on, duffel, suitcase and other baggage