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Luggage Tag Loops - Stainless Steel Metal Wire Straps


Tough braided steel wires to keep your tags in tact!

One of the leading cause of lost tags is snapping wires attached to the tag itself. This is why Shacke has decided to give you our Stainless Steel Luggage Tag Wire Loop packs!

With these loops you will never have to deal with unexpected strap breaking. These straps are also very durable as they are made of braided metal wires so they are also much better than typical plastic loops. 

Available in 2 packs- 10pcs and 20pcs. You don't have to spend money on buying a whole new tag set just for the sake of one wire when you need it. There's enough for everyone!


  • Made of Tough Steel - Unlike cheap plastic straps, these wires are much more durable
  • Waterproof - There wires are braided stainless metal and is great for those royal carribean and carnival cruises as well as beach trips
  • Versatile and Unique - Great for various kinds of tags, not only luggage ones, such as ID tags, kids school tags and
  • Pack Sets - Comes in 10-pack and 20-pack
  • Right size - With a length of 6.8 inches, aproximately 2.3 inches diameter once closed