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Shacke Luggage Tags with Semi Transparent Protective Cover w/ Steel Loops - Set of 2

Shacke’s Semi Transparent Protective Cover Luggage Tags Are Easy to Spot 

Using a luggage tag to help identify your luggage does not mean it has to be boring. Instead Shacke has developed a new line of long rubber luggage tags that are fun, easy to spot, and helps put a little personality to your own travel experience. Simply write your information directly onto the luggage tag using a ball point pen or permanent marker. Our semi-transparent protective layer will help obscure your information and protect the ink/market from smearing while traveling. 

Our luggage tags are made from thick and durable rubber along with a sturdy steel loop for added durability. We have provided the best balance between durability, functionality, and personalization. The luggage tag is completely bendable/flexible to prevent it from breaking. 

Shacke Luggage Tags:
  • 3.75 x 2.5 in. Luggage Tags - 2 Tags in 1 Set
  • Made of Sturdy High Quality Rubber w/ Steel Loops
  • Write Your Information Directly On The Luggage Tag w/ Permanent Marker or Ball Point Pen
  • Fully Bendable / Flexible Material to Prevent Breaking or Losing your Tags
  • Includes A Protective Semi Transparent Layer to Prevent Ink From Smearing