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Shacke Pak - 5 Set Packing Cubes with Laundry Bag


Shacke Pak - 5 Set Packing Cubes with Laundry Bag - Black Blue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Pack More Clothes in a Small Space For Your Next Trip

One of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is organizing everything you want to bring with you into your luggage. Our packing cube system fixes that issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our bag organizers. This set comes with 4 different sizes, making is the most flexible towards your packing experience. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing and making it even easier unpack. Once you reach your final destination you can pull your whole packing cube out and simply place it into your dresser drawer and you're all done.  We’ve included a laundry bag with your cube to help separate some of your dirty clothing from your fresh clothes.

Shacke Pak is made with a high quality durable water resistant nylon material built to withstand the wear and tears of travel. It is reinforced with a X-Design web stitching made specifically to prevent the fabric from folding in the middle, allowing for a more secure packing experience. Our bags are 4 inch deep giving you enough space to pack more clothing. Finally, we've used YKK zippers on all our cubes. YKK zippers are the world’s largest high quality manufacturer of zipper and are known for their smooth sturdy zippers.

Shacke Pak Overview:

  • 4 Packing Cubes
  • 1 Extra Large( 17.5" x 12.75" x 4")
  • 1 Large (13.75" x 12.75" x 4"), 1 Medium (13.75x9.75x4), 1 Small (11" x 6.75" x 4")
  • 1 Laundry Bag for storing dirty clothes at the end of your travels

    Watch @travelwithmeko pack for her scuba diving trip, with her family of 3, into 2 backpacks using our packing cube system.