24" Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn

Tired Of Bending Over When Putting On Your Shoes?
Avoid Back Problems Forever Using Our 24 Inch Easy Grip Extra Long Shoehorn

A good shoehorn has one purpose and one purpose only and that's to make putting on your shoes a breeze without bending, back pains, or aches. The Shacke extra long shoehorn does just that. It is 24 inch long made from a sturdy high tech plastic, making it possible for anyone to put on their shoes without bending or leaning. It is ideal for the elderly that need some assisted mobility or anyone that wants to avoid the hassle of putting on their shoes. It comes with a big round handle so that your whole hand can wrap around it. This handle makes it easy for anyone to grip and hold. The grip of the handle is slightly tilted from the rest of the body of the shoehorn making it the ideal angle for putting on your shoes or boots.

Shack 24 Inch Shoe Horn Overview:
  • Extra Long 24 Inch Shoehorn
  • Super Big and Easy Grip Handle
  • Made from Sturdy High Tech Plastic
  • Perfect Tilt from Handle to Shoehorn Body
  • Ideal for Assisted Mobility