2 in 1 Belt & Neck Wallet Hybrid - RFID Passport Holder


Travel With Peace of Mind Protect Your Money, Credit Card, and Passport with Pocket Vault. Traveling should be fun, exciting, and stress free. However, the truth is, traveling can also be very dangerous especially if it's in unfamiliar foreign areas. Tourist often make for easy targets for thieves and pick pocketing criminals. When you are traveling oversea the two most important items you have to protect is your money and your passport. Shacke's Pocket Vault does just that by acting as a hidden wallet that tucks underneath your pants while clipped around your belt. Not only is it completely out of sight, it also makes it virtually impossible for anyone to pick pocket you. Pocket Vault is proud to be the only hidden wallet with 3 separate compartments for your paper currencies, credit card, and passport . Our special front load design makes accessing your items easier than any other hidden pocket on the market.

Pocket Vault by Shacke™ Overview:

  • Durable Water Resistant Nylon
  • RFID Blocking lining
  • Secure your money and documents - Keep your money and important documents close to you all the time
  • Adjustable Neck Strap with Front See Through Card/License Pouch w/ Enclosure
  • Has 3 zippered compartments - Each pocket for specific uses, one for cash, passport, an credit cards; great organizer
  • Versatile - This wallet can be good as a belt wallet or a neck-stash
  • Anti-Theft - Not only keeps your finances hidden but the RFID blocker is the ultimate security for your identity