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Shacke Money Belt Pouch w/ Dual Clip - RFID Passport & CC Card Sleeves Included


The ONLY Money Belt with Propriety Slacker Clip Technology
1x Passport and 6x Credit Card RFID Blocking Sleeve Included

The money belt is the best solution on the market for travelers who need an added layer of protection to secure their most important documents and items. It is the preferred choice for most travelers because it is comfortable, hidden, easy to access, and can store a lot. 

All the money belts on the market have one major flaw because they are built to secure tightly around waist using a stretch spandex webbing. This makes putting and taking items out of your money belt extremely difficult because the pouch will be flushed against your body and always pulling back towards your body. You would have to stretch out and pull the money belt with one hand and navigate through your items with the other. 

Using our innovative design, we’ve created a dual clip system, allowing you to unclip your money belt from one side to allow it to swing open like a door while staying securely around your waist. This allows you to easily access your items, including your back pouch, with ease. Once you’re done, simply clip your buckle back in and you’re ready to go.

Security Meets Comfort
We’ve built our product around security by providing a durable but yet comfortable strap that goes securely around your waist. We’ve lined RFID blocking fabric inside your money belt and included 1x Passport and 6x Credit Card RFID blocking sleeves.

We’ve used a gentle mesh backing that is soft to the touch but yet perforated to allow for extra breathing. We’ve also made sure the waist strap is soft with no texture so that it will not scratch your skin. 

  • High Quality Rip Stop Nylon. Lined with RFID Blocking Material
  • Hand wash your travel money pouch in cold water and hang dry.
  • Propriety Slacker Clip Technology – Unclip one buckle on one side of your money belt so that it swings open like a door while still securely attached around your waist. You no longer have to fumble pulling items from your pouch or accessing your back pouch.
  • 1x Passport 6x CC RFID Sleeve Included – The interior of your money belt has been lined with special RFID blocking material but to maximize security we’ve included 1x Passport and 6x Credit Card sleeve as well giving you the ultimate peace of mind and preventing thieves from stealing your personal information.
  • Efficient Storage – Front Main compartment with mesh net divider to help organize your items. Secondary Front Main compartment for added storage and organization. Back Pouch perfect for boarding pass and larger flat items.
  • Comfort Meets Function – Our belts are fitted with YKK zippers providing the smoothest zippers on the market. The back of the money belt is layered with a gentle perforated fabric that is soft to the touch but allows for breathability.
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